Meeting with Hirosaki City

The OMY district

【Hirosaki City x Donostia-San Sebastian City】IUC Programme

Delegation from Donostia-San Sebastian City visited Japan from 15 May to 17 May.

International Urban Cooperation (IUC), the EU funded programme, boosts access to expertise in urban development policy, helping cities promote smart, green and inclusive growth by paring up EU with no-EU partner cities.

ICLEI Japan acts as a coordinator for the pair of Hirosaki City and Donostia-San Sebastian City. Based on the theme “Building and Site Regeneration”, Hirosaki and Donostia-San Sebastian introduced each activity and discussed to share knowledge and experiences.

Also, as a part of project, we visited Mitsubishi Estate in the Tokyo Station Area (the OMY district) and learnt the renovation of old buildings, activities toward the low carbon society and biodiversity, sustainable eco-mobility system and so on in the district.