Started “ICLEI Café”, member cities informal exchange meeting

JO started to hold a regular member meeting “ICLEI Café” since June. This is a gathering aimed to serve as an opportunity for member officials to meet each other to share their experiences and ideas at practical level in an informal setting. We also invite experts as speakers on recent policy issues related to local government environmental agenda. The topic of the first meeting in June was “ICLEI strategy 2015-2021,” where the latest version of Seoul plan was closely reviewed, followed by in-depth group discussion. The second meeting was held in July under the theme of “New International Framework on Climate Change beyond 2020,” with an invited expert from Global Environmental Strategies (IGES). Making good use of the TV conference facility in our new office, we first experimented to have a remotely located city participate to the meeting in its third meeting held on Sep 16 under the theme of “National financial scheme to support local governments for their climate mitigation efforts.”