Our Members

ICLEI is the leading global network of more than 1,750 cities, towns and regions committed to building a sustainable future. Find out more about ICLEI membership on our global website.

The list of ICLEI Japan's Members and mayors' messages can be found here.


Membership benefits

1. Get connected

To join ICLEI means joining a global network of over 1,750 diverse cities, towns and regions with a strong group of Partners. ICLEI Members actively engage with their peers through conferences, workshops, webinars and online platforms and take advantage of our connections with businesses, financial institutions and other implementation partners that help strengthen innovation and resourcing.

2. Get informed

ICLEI Members have access to the latest information and ideas that shape the sustainability landscape. We deliver up-to-date information on global advocacy processes, technical advancements and local sustainability leadership. Our products provide informative snapshots and thorough analyses that keep Members on the pulse of thematic and crosscutting sustainability issues.

3. Get resources

ICLEI offers Members a vital combination of methodologies, tools, knowledge and skills that support local projects at all stages of planning and implementation. By working with the multidisciplinary ICLEI Network, Members are well equipped to develop and implement integrated solutions that advance their sustainability goals.

4. Get involved

ICLEI Members have ample opportunity to influence our global agenda. By joining ICLEI, Members are eligible to vote and take part in our network-wide governing body. ICLEI also invite Members to speak at high level events to advance the interests of local and subnational governments on the global stage.

5. Get featured

ICLEI Members are the core of our network and are the drivers of global change. Through our wide-reaching global communication channels, we aim to show this to the rest of the world. Our global communications use a variety of digital and print media to showcase the work of our Members, who also have preferential access to speaking slots at ICLEI events across the world.