Nagano Prefecture: Governor Shuichi Abe

The progress of climate change on a global scale has greatly influenced our lives through events such as the increase and scale of natural disasters, the change of the distribution area of animals and plants, and more. In addition, the expected drastic decline in the local population in the future will cause a shortage of people able to support the area economically and through environmental conservation. There is a growing concern about the decline of regional vitality.

Under these circumstances, we believe that Nagano Prefecture, which is surrounded by a beautiful and rich natural environment, has its own tradition and culture. Strong communal ties can be a front-runner towards building a new, sustainable society.

In 2017, "The Local Renewables Conference 2017" was held for the first time in Japan. The conference was hosted by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, ICLEI Japan, and Nagano Prefecture, and as a result, "The Nagano Declaration: Local leaders working together to achieve 100% renewable energy cities and regions” was issued. Furthermore, it has been decided that "G20 Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth" will be held in 2019 in Karuizawa-Machi which has extensive experience holding international conferences.

We will continue to aim for the realization of a sustainable society through partnerships with every entity including ICLEI.

Overview of Nagano Prefecture

Population: 2,065,369 (As of July 2018)
Area: 13,561.56km²

Nagano Prefecture is located in the central part of the Japanese archipelago and has an area of 13,561.56 k㎡. It is the fourth largest of 47 prefectures after Hokkaido, Iwate, and Fukushima. Plus, Nagano has borders with 8 other prefectures and has 3,000-meter mountain ranges. The large rivers such as the Chikuma River, the Kiso River, and the Tenryu River drift into the land helping to give Nagano one of the richest natural environments in the country.

The winter Olympic and Paralympic games held in 1998 also helped promote the recognition of “Nagano” as an international snow resort. Even today, many skiers visiting from abroad seek the magnificent mountain landscapes and the world-class powder snow.

Environmental initiatives

Efforts of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) aiming to solve economic, social and environmental challenges in an integrated manner are beginning domestically and internationally. In March 2018, Nagano Prefecture adopted "The Fourth Nagano Prefecture Environmental Basic Plan" whose key principle is to “promote policies based on SDGs”, and we were also selected as "SDGs Future City" in June of that year. We will continue to actively promote initiatives not only in environmental conservation but also in solving economic and social issues by making the best use of the environment.

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