Saitama City: Mayor Hayato Shimizu

Measures against global warming are urgent issues that citizens, businesses and governments should work together while abnormal weather caused by global warming, such as extreme summer heat and heavy rain, occur frequently.

Saitama City promotes energy and environmental actions like introducing the next-generation automobiles such as EV and FCV, ensuring energy security by supplying a variety of energy including hydrogen, and reducing CO2, through businesses of “E-KIZUNA Project” (EV disemmination measure) and “Next-generation Automotive/Smart Energy special zone” (designated as reginal activation conprehensive special zone by the Japanese Government).

Especially in Misono Area, a sub-centre of Saitama City, we work to extablish “Smart City Saitama Model” as the ideal microcosmos of the city through the collaboration with private companies, universiteis and “Citizens + Academia”, and provide life support service with advanced technologies such as ICT and IOT.

We keep promoting these initiatives, and aim at realizing an environmental future city that grows continuously, as a livable and resilient city.


Population: 1,308,696 (as of May 2019)
Area: 217.43

Saitama City is located within 30km North of Central Tokyo.

There are 6 Shinkansen bullet train lines including Tohoku and Joetsu, JR lines, and private railway lines connected each other.

The Omiya Station Area is included in the National Tokyo Metropolitan Area Regional Plans and we play a key role of “Eastern Japan Core” as an interaction hub of “People, Goods and Information” connecting Eastern Japan with the Greater Tokyo Area.

Saitama City was born in May 2001 by the merger of the former Urawa, Omiya and Yono citeis and became the 13th  Government designaged city in Japan on the 1st of April, 2003. After the merger with former Iwatsuki city on the 1st of April 2005, we became the 9th biggest city with over 1.3million population in Japan in September, 2018.

There are histrical and cultural resources such as BONSAI art museum and the railway museum in Omiya, doll manufacturing in Iwatsuki, and eels in Urawa while Minuma Tanbo, a large extensive green space (approx. 1,260ha), is spread.

Saitama City is also famous for sports hosting international event, “Tour de France Saitama Criterium”, and Saitama International Marathon.


Environmental Initiatives
Saitama City has held the “E-KIZUNA Summit” as a pillar of “E-KIZUNA Project”

(EV disemmination measure), to establish wider intercity network since 2010. It has been expanding and we held the 9th Summit on October 31, 2018.

Considering that environmetal, economic and social issues become more complex and international trends such as SDGs and the Paris Agreement, we would like to develop and improve “E-KIZUNA Summit” and plan to have “E-KIZUNA Global Summit” (tentative title) in 2021 when the milestone for the 20th anniversary of Saitama City merger is.

As a part of preparations for E-KIZUNA Global Summit, Saitama City Mayor met with Secretary General of ICLE in October, 2018 and signed MOU between ICLEI and Saitama City for collaborative partneship. We will communicate our efforts proactively to people both inside and outside of Japan by deepening the relationship with ICLEI and ICLEI members in future. 

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