Sapporo City: Mayor Katsuhiro Akimoto

Sapporo City, which declared “Eco-Capital Sapporo" in 2008, is actively taking measures to mitigate global warming such as promoting energy conservation and spreading renewable energy, aiming at a world-famous environmental city.

The Japanese government designated Sapporo City as a “SDGs FutureCity” in June 2018. We promote our environmental measure to achieve SDGs and to affect economy and society. At the same time, we aim at establishing ourselves as a world model of Environmental City in a cold district by conducting activities maximizing the regional characteristics of Hokkaido.

Since Sapporo is the city that consumes the largest amount of energy in Hokkaido, we aim at taking over the rich environment to the next generation together with various stakeholders such as citizens, businesses and activity groups and at achieving a sustainable city by cooperating with ICLEI members actively.

Overview of Sapporo City

Population: 1,968,657 (as of May 1, 2019)

Located in the center of Hokkaido, Sapporo is the political, economic, and cultural hub of the country’s northernmost island, blessed with rich natural settings, and the home of over 1.9 million people. While we enjoy a long brisk weather in the summer, it is the unique snowy cold city in the world where the amount of fallen snow in the winter reaches six meters.

In 1875, the first group of colonial soldiers settled in Hokkaido. In 1922, Sapporo was organized as a municipality and expanded its jurisdiction by merger and transfer with neighboring municipalities. The population jumped up to approximately 20 times in 100 years which was historically short period. Sapporo city, a convenient large city with the rich nature nearby, where the city and the nature are harmonized,  is attractive city that more than 90% of the citizens say "I love Sapporo". It is also one of Japan's leading tourist cities, where around 13 million tourists visit annually from within and outside Japan. 


Environmental initiatives

The Sapporo City government considers that "Environment and Energy" is one of  its top priority issues and formulated "The 2nd Sapporo Basic Environment Plan" and "City Center Energy Master Plan" in March 2018.

Considering "Environmental Capital: SAPPRO" where the next-generation children can live with a smile as the futre Sapporo City, we aim at achieving a decarbonizing society in which the environment and economy are compatible and promote further energy saving and the usage of significant renewable energy. We focus on creating town planning supporting "Sapporo Like" attractive living life by conducting advanced approaches to the environment and energy especially in the city center where the social and economic activities are concentrated, and the large amount of energy is consumed. 

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