Sendai City: Mayor Emiko Okuyama

In order to resolve global environmental issues, including global warming, it is necessary that all cities in the world work more closely together to implement various environmental conservation initiatives.

Recognizing this, in 1996, Sendai City joined ICLEI, an international federation of advanced local governments in the world that addresses global environmental problems. The city served as a member of the ICLEI Global Executive Committee from 2003 to 2006, as well as hosted the 2005 session of the Global Executive Committee.



Overview of Sendai City

Population: Approx. 1.08 million (June, 2016)

In its territory from the Ou Mountains to Sendai Bay, Sendai City has an expanse of varied natural settings such mountains, rivers, and the sea. Located between the warm and cold temperate zones, it forms a rich ecosystem full of wild animals and plants. And even in the urban district, it retains a favorable environment as typified by the Hirose River, Mt. Aoba, and avenues lined with the keyaki or Japanese zelkova trees.

Sendai prospered as a castle town after the feudal lord Date Masamune built a castle to rule the area, and since then, it has developed into the political, economic, and cultural center of the Tohoku region. It is known as the “Forest Capital” for its rich greenery on the streets. It has striven to coexist with nature by considering the blessings of nature valuable and conserving them while further enhancing its high-level urban functions.

Environmental initiatives

Based on the experience gained from the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, the Sendai City government aims to realize a sustainable city that can secure energy supply and maintain its urban functions even when a disaster occurs. As part of its efforts, it is pushing forward with the “Sendai E-Action,” an initiative to urge all citizens to think about how to use energy wisely in the future and implement the 3Es (energy conservation, energy creation, and energy storage) in daily life. Thus, the city government is carrying out initiatives actively in cooperation with citizens, business operators, and environmental groups.

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