Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Overview of Tokyo

Population: Approx. 13.371 million (2014)

Situated in the southern Kanto region and almost in the center of the Japanese archipelago, Tokyo consists of the 23 wards, the Tama area, as well as the Izu and Ogasawara Islands* in the Pacific Ocean.

The mountainous and hilly areas of Tama, including the Okutama area and Mt. Takao, as well as the Pacific islands with varied natural settings are designated as nature parks such as national parks.

*The Ogasawara Islands, located 1,000 km away from the center of Tokyo, were registered as a World Natural Heritage site in June 2011.

Environmental initiatives

Tokyo is urged to provide Asian cities, where air pollution and waste are becoming increasingly serious issues, with the experience and policy making know-how it has acquired by taking leadership in addressing these challenges. By organizing training sessions and workshops in Tokyo and various other cities, Tokyo is making the most out of the framework for international cooperation in order to offer its policymaking know-how and technology and meet the requests of these cities.

As one of its initiatives against climate change and the first of its kind in the world, Tokyo launched an urban-type cap and trade program (consisting of the duty to reduce total greenhouse gas emissions and an emissions trading system) in fiscal 2010. It reduced CO2 emissions by 22% in the second year, which was favorably evaluated. As a result, Tokyo was recognized by an international organization for the initiatives to cope with climate change.

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