Toyota City: Mayor Toshihiko Ota

Toyota City has been introducing latest environmental technologies in city development with the goal of developing the world’s best city where people and cars coexist, by collaborating with advanced companies and organizations of automobiles, energy, housing, transportation and distribution and demonstrating that the development of a next generation low-carbon society system is possible.

I believe that experience cultivated as the core city of a world-leading manufacturing industry could be an important contribution to solving problems in other industrial cities and Asian countries experiencing rapid economic development. Together with ICLEI Member cities, I hope to accelerate and advance efforts among cities and regions towards realizing a sustainable society.

Overview of Toyota City

Population: Approx. 420,000 (March 2019)
Area: 918.32km² (of which 626.44 km² is forest)

Toyota City is a core city located in the central part of Aichi Prefecture, approximately 30 km east of Nagoya City, the prefectural capital. In 2005, Toyota City merged with six towns and villages around the Yahagi River basin that flows through the city, and it became a vast city area accounting for 20% of Aichi Prefecture’s land area. 70% of the city area is forest, and the city combines two characteristics of urban areas, where industries and population concentrate, and mountainous areas, where rich nature, history, culture remain.

The predecessor of the city is Yeomo Town (Koromocho) that once flourished in the silkworm industry. Although it was in danger of survival during the depression in the early Showa period, the Toyota City overcame the crisis by attracting the factory of Toyota Motor Industry Co., Ltd. (currently: Toyota Motor Corporation) and has developed with the automobile industry. Taking advantage of the city’s rich nature, agriculture is also an advanced industry, and the city is known, not only for its cars, but also for its production of specialty crops such as peach, rice, and jumbo pear.

Environmental initiatives

In 2018, it was selected as a "SDGs FutureCity", actively receiving regional selection from various ministries and agencies, especially in the practices of low-carbon development and city planning for transportation and energy. We have been engaging in the demonstration and implementation of environmentally advanced technology as the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's "Next Generation Energy and Social System Demonstration Region" and also developed "Toyota Ecoful Town" in the city center for citizens to experience these efforts closely, which we also receive a significant number of foreign visitors. Since 2016, we have been organizing the "Toyota City Connecting Society Demonstration Promotion Council" and aim to realize a new smart city while positively utilizing artificial intelligence and IoT.