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Make Sendai a “Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City”

New website launched: SENDAI - Towards a Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City (Photo credit: Sendai City)

SENDAI CITY: Towards a Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City

With the adoption of “The Sendai City Policy Emphasis 2020” in January 2016, the City decided to make Sendai a “Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City” as one of its 8 strategic project areas. This project aims to develop a sustainable city that looks beyond the Great East Japan Earthquake post-reconstruction efforts, by building onto the City’s unique characteristic as an environmental city and adding a new value of disaster resilience.

Within our history of urban development, Sendai City has a strong track-record of working closely with its citizens in order to tackle environmental threats and to create a comfortable living environment. We have dealt with public health and environmental pollution issues that emerged in the 1960s, including the enactment of an ordinance for the conservation of the Hirose River.

After the experiences of the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have become even more aware of the risks that the city faces, caused by various types of disasters. Based on our lessons learned, we are promoting to build a “Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City,” with the aim of becoming a “flexible and strong” city that is prepared for future disasters and risks posed by climate change.

Sendai City, also known as the City of Trees, has a rich green environment. With this as our foundation, we are promoting urban development that will improve the resilience of infrastructure and energy supply, as well as helping build capacity of people who can support local communities. At the same time, we are promoting the mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction, by incorporating environmental and disaster prevention considerations into every policy, so as to build a city that maintains a high level of safety and security in the lives of Sendai’s citizens as well as the City’s economic activity, while cultivating a comfortable living environment.

We will pass on our experiences and lesson learned from the impacts of the disasters and the process of recovery to future generations, while nurturing a civic culture of disaster preparedness. By utilizing our domestic and international networks that we have built through the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, held in Sendai in March 2015, we will share and promote the work of communities, NPOs, businesses, and research institutions internationally in order to contribute to a global culture of disaster prevention and to brand Sendai as a city that possesses both a comfortable living environment as well as a high level of disaster preparedness.


Article contributed by Disaster-Resilient and Environmentally-Friendly City Promotion Office, City of Sendai.