carbonn Climate Registry

Living in a reality in which the phenomenon of climate change is occurring, local governments are called on to take charge in reducing greenhouse gases emissions from communities, pursuing climate change mitigation measures, and building low-carbon and resilient cities. There has never been a more pressing time than now for steady actions based on the process of setting clear targets, creating plans to achieve these targets, implementing and verifying the results. However, there is considerable doubt that the local governments’ policies and specific achievements on climate change and energy issues are effectively being published and shared with the public. It is huge barrier to share the best practices and compare between the local governments that not only the scattered information, but also the differences of indicators and methodologies to calculate data.

Differences of indicators and methodologies to analyze the data, as well as the dissemination of information create a huge barrier that prevents local governments from sharing the best practices and comparing themselves with others.

In addition to standardizing the format and the methodology of calculating greenhouse emission data from local communities, ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability developed the carbonn Climate Registry, a global mechanism that allows local governments to register the contents of local climate change policies and its achievements online. Many of the actions taken by local governments are pieces of evidence demonstrating their contribution and importance. ICLEI summarizes the data, reports them at the international conferences on climate change, and works to build the international presence of local governments in global society.